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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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the media cycle of. portugal waits to find out whether it will get more cash. iran is key in solving problems in the middle east so says the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon is taking part in the gathering of nations in the city not aligned with the u.s. washington is voiced criticism of the u.n. chief's visit and of the gathering in general. and ukraine's former prime minister will not free as the country's high court projects are appeal against a seven year sentence for abuse of power given to a shrink over sentenced last year for her role in agreeing to gas deals with russia
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. today for the moment next a former french intelligence agent to serve in the region hit by the arab spring shares his view on what's happening there that's next on r.t. . poll today we're joined by drug money is a former member of the french intelligence services also an officer and founder of the european strategic intelligence is a kurd center it's a brussels based think tank specializing on terrorism and security issues thanks very much for the same money for joining us today do you spend a lot of time with her a little so looking at the arab spring did you see it coming were you expecting this and how much of it. is a product of people going against every person government and how much of it is some governments claim as we look from the outside would probably say things which are really pretty good going through
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a. very popular. first of all no we didn't see it arriving we knew clearly that there were so a lot of programs in. in the middle east and in the arab world and north africa from of poverty social problems into our province problem of the you use without and crime and so on so on and we knew that something was burning and. but we were much more focused on the probably on the risk of the musician on the risk of a so-called arab spring. when it happened. and we said when we saw the mechanics we understood that it would be a large. and deep shock not only for the oblong that's for all the world but the beginning very clearly was not towards it was exasperated and
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a few people wanting to have a normal life if you exhibit here in egypt for instance if you take the tahrir square at the beginning you very young people graduates most of them most of them had been supported by the united states some of them were trained in the united states were funded by the united states and someone with a very clear and very little idea of the future or the only sad thing is that it didn't happen in the west and all that but in and country where the political agenda was different and we had those people coming from the destroyed the it was a keeper all you have diffused and everything was like that at the end of the day by dishonest by the muslim brothers to see see this as a friend in the region were. hopelessly coming into power. i wrote personally you thought
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a long time before the vision elections the. the only possibility is to have the most embarrassing us first but he got formation in egypt i mean everything else was just in both of them because you have a very poor society. allows people who are just not able to read the newspaper we speak in a blind month number saw everything was in place predicts the mist in itself and not a democrat issue in the. in the same in tunisia. and the same tomorrow in syria yes we're looking at the syrian crisis it is complicated and it's far from over and we've heard the last of turkey talking about starting a no fly zone and we've also heard from the french defense ministry center france is willing to help in looking at this effort do you think this is where it's headed a similar reagan scenario is a no fly zone actually very clearly no one in the leaders of the western world the
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one the one to go in syria but maybe at one point it would be in both even to avoid the roads i don't think so but it's possible if we go into syria i think it would be a nightmare. but we see. for the moment we don't see any clear. evolution in syria it seems that it's clearly the government going to two in. particular tools. so to look for the moment you have just kidding after killing and this. bomb stepped up bombs. and no mercy for consideration because of the base of the problem you don't have the problem of the demo of course you have a problem of democrats and so yes but it's not the main point the main point is a problem with between the sunni and the you know it's which i think both sides of
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the population do. and i would say our needing to control for twenty years after the us and the sunni which are seventy five percent say no it's you know we don't want to anymore but indeed it's not stick somebody or it's not friends on the in the middle east. today in syria for the other way it's losing the poor losing their grip on the poor means dying. i not sure that the two mediums i know it's really got to die so didn't ignore the show he's been keeping the power. with the support by doing of the questions you have to me on that i know it's in a system the question very clearly and said yes supporting the power because they fear. if they fear to have some problems when the sunni will reign on the country like different. christian. is the muslim brothers and them another.
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today and let us the police come in here. today it seems to be clear that you cannot be. in the midst of moving. i mean yes you can be a single christian and nobody probably would have to you cannot have a missed. organized community which it pretty. much same and with the possibility to have voted to go activity in the midst of the world today i mean the muslim world today well despite the tough words of some of the western leaders allies have said from syria you still feel that they don't really want to go to syria for military still what do you think is holding them we know we think and they already duffing that syria could be watched and i think basically they are right because they need to get six million people in here you
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know we have a. big. in seventeen eighteen and twenty minutes of people we have clearly extremists the media is the border of iran is between iran and its join us believe and on. a given problem which is not so far so no one want to be involved the last time. we i mean west down the armies were involved in. the area i was there it was the eighty's live and on and we leave the ribbon on the body bags are for the little soldier. two hundred forty two american marines and sixty two french possible i was there the day i was remembering or my life would be better and it was not a very nice experience for us i don't think we don't we want to have this experience again and if we go there we have the risk of these explosions again. we
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cannot it's that again it's good to know he was moving with a good guy the good cover he can come make everything around him quiet in the city getting just two or three bad guys and after they were the last at the end of the movie he kissed the beautiful woman the mother in the they have a lot of children it's but read since story it's middle east it's very savage war and after these. what about would be the do we know would be the winner. after this were you when. there were about six months of cones killing. revenge killing and so on and we don't want to be involved there but from the intelligence circles can you confirm that yes model of weapons into syria as well as the process of someone foreign secret service in the country very
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probably. coming from your four or the government and from so there are. hundreds that's clear i think everyone knows that. some indigenous services in some probably the british where my six. maybe the french. maybe the americans are involved but they're living on the don't live on in the support of the opposition on the one hand you're saying that western leaders and their allies don't want a military operation in syria but at the same time you're also saying that it's very likely that there are foreign secret service agents in the country already but that is getting involved isn't it what's the difference between a military operation and having agents on the ground you can deny. you can deny when you send indigenous people even if they are killed in that you can say yes but i don't know you us authorities tell us of illinois and i don't know what i'm
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looking for news of the secret service the men prospect of you the to the secret service and so good at hunt is the post possible you know i don't know them when you go so when you go to his arms downs. brains you could've said no it's not my plane let's talk about al qaeda operating in syria is this true or not and if so what can the situation develop until it's probably very true what we know is that syria. at the time of the world. iraq syria swarm of the platform of action from. for al qaeda a lot of people coming from europe. from belgium from frost from germany came in to went into iraq through syria so it's clear that's ok to us at the time it's own. it's clear and so that's
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a lot of people we don't know much but a lot of people who were involved in the iraqi war today fighting with the opposition against the regime in syria for a very abuse reason. if you remember the people of al-qaeda in iraq were getting shots as well as british and american soldiers. in syria the poor research sheets or yellow it's a bunch of shiism so for the people if i got out which are certainly a very strict obedience it's the worst enemy. to kill to kill or shit is better than to get a question for them. so. it's a good motivation for them and we have clearly people and we sort of saw some modus operandi. i don't think that we have people of al qaeda involved for
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instance in the fighting through the fight and because doesn't make sense but we knew we had the bomb the. center of the ball up in damascus. a few weeks ago it was. very likely an al qaeda job or i thirty for the moment nobody knows exactly what the different tendencies in. the. opposition. in syria because when you see for instance the people in powers of the community united show you know the mission of the syrian everything. down very much their own very worst speaking they are very democratic and so on when you see the people planting bomb bouncing because it's an adult suffering so where is the truth what is the real power of the moderates and the democrats if
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they exist what is the real power for the people of al-qaeda what is the report of the saudis nobody exactly knows and rude seeds and moving noids. after but when will be does nobody knows could be tomorrow it could be in six months or. medicaid thanks very much for your time i think you're. right or if you have some from friends to pressure it's.
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starts on t.v. dot com. top stories are not to the euro zone's we can nations are striving for growth amid a cycle of cuts and bailouts italy's prime minister is in germany to seek help to run soaring boring costs portugal ways to find out whether it will get more cash. iran is key in solving problems in the middle east so says the u.n. secretary general in toronto thank you moon's taking part in the gathering of nations in the city with the u.s. washington has voiced criticism of the u.n. chief's visit and of the gathering in general. grange former prime minister will not walk free as the country's high court projects are appealing against a seven year sentence for abuse of power units or shank it was sentenced last year for her role in the green gas deals with russia. with a news team with more news stories for you and plenty of others in the meantime paul is next with the sports.
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thank you very much bell welcome along to the sports headlines here is what's coming up. global gains a london gets set to welcome the sporting world once more with the opening ceremony of the twenty twelve paralympics taking place later on wednesday. sudden death the courage of russia's female volleyball team is reportedly found in croatia fielder forty three following a disappointing performance at the london olympics. and goals go all week week six season i'm a moscow pick up their first win of the russian premier league season we'll recap the best of the action in goals below. the first spot at moscow will be looking to reach the group stages of the champions league later on wednesday the muscovites have a two one lead heading into their second leg of their qualifying tie with front about che in turkey new spots at manager you know i am away on those fans making the
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journey likely to be end of a tense evening but about chase home ground in istanbul as material notorious for its hostile atmosphere the two teams coming into the clash on the back of differing results in about shape beating gaziantep sport three nil of the weekend missed out on top spot in russia with a two one loss tadic. elsewhere barcelona can add to rivals real madrid's misery this evening by winning the spanish super cup the catalans have a three two lead from the first leg with the galactic o's on a run of three games without a win however past manager tito vilanova says the hosts always pose a goalscoring threat we're going to go i think that we'll madrid will try to score from the first minute as has happened a lot of other times we played at the burn about scoring a quick google creates doubts in the opposition but i'm convinced that they will try to do this right from the start because they know they need to score. elsewhere there's only a few hours to go before the start of the twenty twelve paralympic games in london
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to russia and all four thousand two hundred competitors have already settled into the athletes' village following a unique welcome in the english capital among course to have has more. it could have been just a simple flag raising ceremony but the brits have once again al done themselves putting on a theatrical show to welcome the participating nations at the london to once it's wealth paralympic village living there you go but i think it's a great britain has already built a tradition of creating an environment without barriers for the paralympians sort of we have a similar plan in place for sochi twenty fourteen and we've implemented about seventy percent of it already but the russian flag of the national anthem were last but definitely not least in line leading the procession to time paralympic champion alex a bottle of who will also be the country's flag bearer at the opening ceremony later on wednesday i'm also it was it to me it's a huge responsibility to have the honorable distinction of being flag bearer for
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your country i feel completely fired up emotionally the russian national team has a number of athletes who will be making a second at sam to claiming their place on the paralympic podium among them beijing gold medalist swimmer they can who is by the way also an ambassador for the next ones or paralympics to be held in the russian black sea resort of sochi in twenty fourteen that she shared as if there's a huge difference between how i got to come into the gene and to date it's difficult to explain but i feel both the pressure and the support which is really making me eager to get into the pool the paralympics will be held until the ninth of september as the streets of london are about to get filled by thousands of athletes and fans from around the world for a spectacle of unparalleled will and strength of character says that this integration of the soviet union allowed to has been done in order to help people with disabilities and that's reflected in russia's paralympic medal count and the growing number of athletes as well one hundred sixty three of them are here which
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is a twenty percent increase from the beijing against and hopefully the additional participants will help russia overcome the eighth place finish. four years ago remarked catherine reporting. from the paralympic village in london. now to tennis where later on wednesday maria sharapova continues her quest for a second u.s. open title she takes on spain's laura leno in round two after an impressive win over melinda sink in the first round draft of it will be looking to continue her fine form when she takes on the world number seventy eight top seed victoria azarenka had no problems against belgian kirsten flipkens winning in straight sets not a patrol over drop twenty two games in her win over simona halep the roumania flipkens compact kim clijsters playing in her final ever grand slam event later faces britain's laura robson. meanwhile in the men's draw russian mikhail youzhny is in first round action against heels most as you can see usually has taken the first
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two sets their fourth seed the spaniard doubled for his playing south africa's kevin anderson and for the taken in taking the only two sets in that one later in the champion andy murray takes on croatia's even home favorite us american johnnies no i mean belgians are being released. now to some sad news from the world of volleyball where the head coach of the russian women's national team. has died at the age of forty three he was reportedly found hand in his hotel room in croatia where his side in a moscow were taking part in a training camp in the cough was appointed boss of the russian national women's team in late two thousand and eleven he was in charge of the recent london olympics but it was all to merely a disappointing candidate with russia knocked out in the quarter finals to eventual winners brazil the manager of the russian men's team says that the failure in london hit after she called holland which is being used. elsewhere golfing pros
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from all over the world will be convening just outside of moscow in a week's time where they'll be taking part in the annual russian challenge cup the event has been held annually since one thousand nine hundred ninety six and was officially included in the european challenged. or six years ago the russian a golf association is stressing the importance of the carp for further promoting the sport in the country russia's climate meaning top class courses are hard to maintain but regardless of the potential problems the association is confident gulf can continue to grow in russia admission that inflation of course there's still a big gap between international courses and those in russia but don't forget golf in russia has only been gaining popularity in the last twenty years which means there's only been twenty years of development so we're still young and are making our first steps towards global integration but i can confidently say that these steps have been very substantial and we've already seen quite a few russian golfers reach a podium finishes. and finally to football once more came week six of the russian
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premier league saw plenty of action with thirty six goals scored in just a match is now that's a record for the russian top flight so now sit back and enjoy every single one of them this is called the law. live
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to clinch live
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. so he. keep.
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keep. keep it up. while that is all from the water sport for now be back with more in just under two hours time here when i say the wild weather is next.
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